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Recovery from substance abuse or substance dependence is a journey of self-discovery that includes the voluntary abstinence from drugs and alcohol and the self-realization of being enough without the use of substances. Here are some terms and definitions associated with addiction recovery.


A chronic condition experienced by a person who pursues the ingesting of a substance for pleasure, despite long term outcomes that are destructive to self and others



Treatment interventions that follow initial rehabilitation services; usually involves outpatient
counseling, 12-step meetings and case management services


A psychopharmaceutical drug (such as Xanax, Ativan, Valium, etc.) used to treat insomnia, anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal; also used as an anesthetic before medical or dental procedures; commonly abused for their sedating effects when taken without prescription or as a "date rape" drug


Medication used for symptom relief from opiate withdrawal

Diagnostic Assessment

Preliminary evaluation used to determine if a person meets the criteria for substance abuse,
substance dependence and/or mental health disorders

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

The process of monitoring and taking care of the patient as drugs or alcohol leave the body

Extended Stay Housing

An extended residential program for patients facing a high risk of relapse

Family Counseling

Treatment that features two components: 1) Addiction education for family members;
2) Family members and patient working together to more fully understand the dynamics of addiction recovery as it relates specifically to their situation

Gender-Specific Treatment

Research-based drug and alcohol treatment provided to people experiencing substance
abuse issues related to their gender or sexual preference

Group Counseling

Treatment service moderated by a counseling professional where patients get to experience

support and feedback from peers also undergoing drug and alcohol treatment

Individualized Counseling

Treatment service providing the patient with one-on-one therapeutic attention from his or her personal counselor

Intensive Counseling

Counseling provided on a daily basis to individuals and groups

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