Treatment Services

First Step Recovery is a modern detox and treatment center located in Warren, Ohio. Our facility consists of amenity-filled bedrooms, each equipped with two pillow top single beds and a flat-screen TV. The treatment center includes group rooms where counseling, activities and education take place.

First Step Recovery Process

  1. Admission to First Step Recovery is voluntary and for persons 18+
  2. A diagnostic assessment is conducted by a licensed counselor
  3. If the criteria for detoxification is met, the patient is assigned a bed and detox treatment begins
  4. Abstinence-based detox includes use of medication for symptom relief during the detoxification process only
  5. Treatment consists of evidence-based, medically accredited techniques
  6. that safely treat substance abuse and dependence
  7. Outpatient treatment features ongoing support as the patient progresses into a substance-free lifestyle

Inpatient Detox

Our detox process is done with respect in a home-like, upscale environment with the best medical detox available. Within the first 24 hours of admission, the patient receives:

  • Medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms
  • Medical consultation and individualized treatment recommendations
  • Three nutritional meals per day


The removal of mood-altering substances from the body is the first step

in substance dependence treatment. During this period of non-use, the patient’s body begins to naturally release the toxic drugs from its system under the supervision of our medical staff. Counselors are available at this time to help the patient with any underlying emotional issues that may surface. In order to provide optimum support, First Step Recovery offers

the following services during detox:

  • Hospitalization for patients who require 24-hour monitoring
  • Proper nutrition to assist in restoring the body to health
  • One-on-one mental health and/or spiritual counseling to balance the mind and connect with the spiritual foundation of self
  • An introduction to group counseling and 12-step recovery meetings
  • Medication (i.e., Buprenorphine) for symptom relief during withdrawal
  • A safe, comfortable environment for rest and relaxation

Usually after 3-7 days of detox, the patient is medically stabilized and is ready to begin treatment.

Outpatient Detox

Provided in conjunction with our affiliate, Travco Behavioral Health, outpatient detox offers physician-supervised withdrawal management with a less restrictive level of care than traditional inpatient detox requires.


Available for appropriate patients (those withdrawing from substances other than alcohol or benzodiazepines and who have a strong support system as well as a safe at-home environment), the outpatient detox service is located at 8261 Market Street in Boardman, Ohio.


Outpatient detox, which is provided Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, offers:

  • One week of withdrawal management followed by one week of post-acute withdrawal management
  • Monitoring by a physician, registered nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Group and individual counseling with licensed practitioners
  • Crisis intervention, when needed
  • Evaluation by psychologist/addictionologist, when needed
  • Evaluation by psychologist/addictionologist, when needed

For information on how to get engaged in outpatient detox or to refer a patient, please call 330-286-0054. You can also view the brochure for further details.


During the treatment process, patients discover and work through underlying issues contributing to substance use. After detox removes the addictive substance(s) from the patient’s system, he/she has an opportunity to understand personal triggers and habits associated with using substances. First Step Recovery provides a variety of counseling techniques, activities and education to help the patient develop positive coping thoughts, behaviors and skills in order to remain sober and enjoy life.

counselor 1 on 1 guy

  • Individualized Counseling
  • Group Therapy for addiction issues
  • Family Counseling to identify enabling patterns and develop support strategies
  • 12-Step Recovery Meetings
  • Gender-Specific Group Therapy

In order for change to be permanent, patients must support themselves by learning and practicing healthy behaviors. For this reason, our curriculum includes holistic classes and workshops that encourage body, mind and spirit wellness.

Holistic Activities and Education

  • Exercise Classes to activate the body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormones, serotonin and dopamine
  • Yoga Classes to combine body and spiritual awareness
  • Mindful Meditation and skills training for developing present moment awareness
  • Healthy Lifestyle Classes to acquire life-enhancing information about stress management, proper nutrition and exercise
  • Massage Therapy to assist with relaxation and detoxification
  • Life Skills Education for independent living, including resume writing, completing applications, etc.

woman meditating

Once treatment is complete, the patient transitions to life at home and begins our outpatient treatment program.


Outpatient treatment allows patients to discuss and work through obstacles they face during their transition forward into a new way of life.


Following treatment, it is common for patients to be confronted with familiar people and surroundings that trigger drug or alcohol abuse. As patients experience both adversity and happiness, it is important they receive professional support and apply recovery tools in order to maintain a healthy, substance-free life. Our outpatient treatment consists of the following treatment services:


  • Extended Stay Housing
  • Outpatient Counseling for mental, emotional and spiritual well being 12-Step Recovery Groups
  • Recovery Coaching to help with job searches, doctor appointments, getting a driver’s license, etc.
  • Relapse Prevention to address triggers, stressors and cravings
  • Aftercare Treatment

Do drugs or alcohol interfere with your quality of life? Contact us for a confidential assessment.